Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Bring. It. On

I, personally am excited for the year 2010. It holds so many possibilities and experiences. I'm stoked! :)

I have all these marvelous plans that I'm going to do -- some which will take a lot of work and some will be really easy. Either way this year will be awesome. Better than 2009. which will be pretty awesome because, taking all things into consideration: 2009 was a pretty good year. Lets do a review

-- AH! auditions for Seussical the Musical and the Talent Show. Those were, for some reason, so stressful! But I did fine. I got into the talent show and I was cast as Mayzie. :) January was not very eventful.

-- I performed in the talent show. Gah , that was awful. Oh, and I was once again sick on Valentines Day. YEah, I threw up. I have a curse. Also in February I think we started rehearsals for Seussical. Again, from what I remember February was not that eventful.

-- Eh, it was march. Nothing really super exciting happened that I can remember. Basically the one thought on my mind was that prospect of going to Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts. I had registered many months previously, but it was now the time of the year that they would be doing the lottery. I was very anxious and many nights I was in prayer wondering if tuacahn was for me. Which brings me to April.

-- I got into Tuacahn!!!!! I was in latin class when my mom came and got me out of class and said "I heard from Tuacahn..." then she paused and I was filled with anxiety when I asked her "...and?" "YOu got in!!!" AH. I was so happy. AT first I was shocked then I was smiling and jumping up and down then I went and told Erica, Seth and David. They weren't as stoked as me,but I was still excited. :) the rest of April was spent with Seussical and Dance Recitals. and during spring break I went down to ST. George and met my future host family: The Larsens. I also shadowed at the school that I know go to. April was a pretty good month.

-- SHELBY TURNED 18! Crazy. She's so old. This month was just kind of a chill month. Except we had that horrid dinner theatre. haha . that was crazy. And I was pretty busy with Officer stuff, but mostly I just had a relaxing month, and I was getting excited for the prospects of summer. oh summer, it held so many exciting things :)

- Lake Powell baby! woo. that was so much fun. A whole week on a nice house boat in the beautiful sun with my friends and the awesome Steed family. Oh joy! "poker face" "HE LEFT US!" ..andie peeing on the tube... haha GREAT TIMES. I love lake Powell. Except in June Sandy left us :( And shelby left me to go to College. We spent those two weeks of summer together. I love her :0 Then again I went on another cabin trip with the girlies to the Steeds cabin in Hunstville. that was exciting "AH! Its a mouse!" Erica, Krista, and I became pro mouse hunters. Dang, we're good. Haha ANd then again I was invited to the Steeds cabin in Whyoming and we had a blast on the 4-wheelers, Rhino and that one green car thing. haha. Basically summer was filled with the Steeds, dancing, and quilting. I did so much quilting. I finished Personal Progress which means I made a twin size quilt, and a baby quilt, then I was hooked on quilting. I helped out Tanya almost every day with quilting and other crafts :) then, August came and I started my big adventure.

-- I feel like a different person now. I have changed and grown so much since August. I was thrust into a new environment: new house, family, school. I was forced to grow up. It's kind of crazy. Anyways, within the first two weeks on August I auditioned for Shakespeare Company, and lo, and behold. I MADE IT! only about 8 sophomores made it. Being on Shakespeare Company really helped me get more involved with the school and I made friends like my roomies: Lauren, Kendle and Liz. Anyways, again with August I just tried to get involved...haha. that went semi well. I was still very awkward and especially awkward around certain people who shall not be named. September was no better for my awkwardness :)

-- Shelby and Mommy came down and visited me! we saw Aida together. :) yay. that was fun. September was filled with Shakespeare Rehearsal (tuesdays and thursdays till 6:30) I also started voice lessons with J.P. Kentros. I improved so much!!! He has helped me become a better singer. I can now belt a "C' above middle C. This kind of amazing because in April when I was mayzie I couldn't belt a "G" comfortably. So this is a huge improvement! my belting scale went up basically 4 whole notes. thats crazy. :) that was basically September.

--Shakespeare Competition: We rocked. Then auditions. Dang, I thought I did 'ok' in my audition for White Christmas, so I was/am very surprised/happy that I got cast as one of the 7 leads -- even thought it was more like i was a supporting lead -- with my own song :) YAY. I loved it! Rehearsals started and it was intense. Then Halloween came and I partied at Cara's house with Ethan, Adam Hall, Taylor Holbrook, Cara, Crystal, Jessica and I. It was so much fun "hey romeo, i'm bobbette" haha goodness.

-- November was so stressful. I got very stressed: little bumps appeared all over my hands, it was weird. But its ok, cause Taylor Holbrook had the same thing happen to him, except it was all over his arms. Ah. White Christmas was a full fledged broadway musical with tapping numbers and we put it together in 5 weeks: sets, costumes and all. It was intense. and so much fun. I love late night rehearsals and learning new things and developing your character. it was so much fun. :) We performed at Jubilee and it was so much fun. Then Thanksgiving came :) too bad I had the stomach flu or food poisoning or something... :(

-- oh. my. goodness. December was such a packed month! so much happened. First, we did our run of White Christmas. The night my parents came down, Tech was awful. and the whole cast was kind of low energy. and my voice cracked.It was pretty bad. but the rest of the run was FANTASTIC. I am so glad that i was able to have such a part in that cast. it was excellent. i had so much fun and I made new friends which I'll develop this year :) i'm excited. Then, the third week of december was finals: EW. I hate finals. they're disgusting haha. then I came home that friday and had a surprise 16th birthday party! yeah, I was uber surprised. haha. thanks mom :) then i had to do totally last minute christmas stuff. I didn't finish my christmas presents untill 1 AM christmas morning haha. ...yeah. :) Then it was a week of complete bliss where I just read and partied, and I saw Sherlock Holmes twice! it was SO good. Love it! :) then it was new years and I'm writing this post :) delightful. oh and melissa comes home in TWO days. INSANE! :)

I love life. basically it's wonderful and 2010 is going to be awesome :)

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