Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Bring. It. On

I, personally am excited for the year 2010. It holds so many possibilities and experiences. I'm stoked! :)

I have all these marvelous plans that I'm going to do -- some which will take a lot of work and some will be really easy. Either way this year will be awesome. Better than 2009. which will be pretty awesome because, taking all things into consideration: 2009 was a pretty good year. Lets do a review

-- AH! auditions for Seussical the Musical and the Talent Show. Those were, for some reason, so stressful! But I did fine. I got into the talent show and I was cast as Mayzie. :) January was not very eventful.

-- I performed in the talent show. Gah , that was awful. Oh, and I was once again sick on Valentines Day. YEah, I threw up. I have a curse. Also in February I think we started rehearsals for Seussical. Again, from what I remember February was not that eventful.

-- Eh, it was march. Nothing really super exciting happened that I can remember. Basically the one thought on my mind was that prospect of going to Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts. I had registered many months previously, but it was now the time of the year that they would be doing the lottery. I was very anxious and many nights I was in prayer wondering if tuacahn was for me. Which brings me to April.

-- I got into Tuacahn!!!!! I was in latin class when my mom came and got me out of class and said "I heard from Tuacahn..." then she paused and I was filled with anxiety when I asked her "...and?" "YOu got in!!!" AH. I was so happy. AT first I was shocked then I was smiling and jumping up and down then I went and told Erica, Seth and David. They weren't as stoked as me,but I was still excited. :) the rest of April was spent with Seussical and Dance Recitals. and during spring break I went down to ST. George and met my future host family: The Larsens. I also shadowed at the school that I know go to. April was a pretty good month.

-- SHELBY TURNED 18! Crazy. She's so old. This month was just kind of a chill month. Except we had that horrid dinner theatre. haha . that was crazy. And I was pretty busy with Officer stuff, but mostly I just had a relaxing month, and I was getting excited for the prospects of summer. oh summer, it held so many exciting things :)

- Lake Powell baby! woo. that was so much fun. A whole week on a nice house boat in the beautiful sun with my friends and the awesome Steed family. Oh joy! "poker face" "HE LEFT US!" ..andie peeing on the tube... haha GREAT TIMES. I love lake Powell. Except in June Sandy left us :( And shelby left me to go to College. We spent those two weeks of summer together. I love her :0 Then again I went on another cabin trip with the girlies to the Steeds cabin in Hunstville. that was exciting "AH! Its a mouse!" Erica, Krista, and I became pro mouse hunters. Dang, we're good. Haha ANd then again I was invited to the Steeds cabin in Whyoming and we had a blast on the 4-wheelers, Rhino and that one green car thing. haha. Basically summer was filled with the Steeds, dancing, and quilting. I did so much quilting. I finished Personal Progress which means I made a twin size quilt, and a baby quilt, then I was hooked on quilting. I helped out Tanya almost every day with quilting and other crafts :) then, August came and I started my big adventure.

-- I feel like a different person now. I have changed and grown so much since August. I was thrust into a new environment: new house, family, school. I was forced to grow up. It's kind of crazy. Anyways, within the first two weeks on August I auditioned for Shakespeare Company, and lo, and behold. I MADE IT! only about 8 sophomores made it. Being on Shakespeare Company really helped me get more involved with the school and I made friends like my roomies: Lauren, Kendle and Liz. Anyways, again with August I just tried to get involved...haha. that went semi well. I was still very awkward and especially awkward around certain people who shall not be named. September was no better for my awkwardness :)

-- Shelby and Mommy came down and visited me! we saw Aida together. :) yay. that was fun. September was filled with Shakespeare Rehearsal (tuesdays and thursdays till 6:30) I also started voice lessons with J.P. Kentros. I improved so much!!! He has helped me become a better singer. I can now belt a "C' above middle C. This kind of amazing because in April when I was mayzie I couldn't belt a "G" comfortably. So this is a huge improvement! my belting scale went up basically 4 whole notes. thats crazy. :) that was basically September.

--Shakespeare Competition: We rocked. Then auditions. Dang, I thought I did 'ok' in my audition for White Christmas, so I was/am very surprised/happy that I got cast as one of the 7 leads -- even thought it was more like i was a supporting lead -- with my own song :) YAY. I loved it! Rehearsals started and it was intense. Then Halloween came and I partied at Cara's house with Ethan, Adam Hall, Taylor Holbrook, Cara, Crystal, Jessica and I. It was so much fun "hey romeo, i'm bobbette" haha goodness.

-- November was so stressful. I got very stressed: little bumps appeared all over my hands, it was weird. But its ok, cause Taylor Holbrook had the same thing happen to him, except it was all over his arms. Ah. White Christmas was a full fledged broadway musical with tapping numbers and we put it together in 5 weeks: sets, costumes and all. It was intense. and so much fun. I love late night rehearsals and learning new things and developing your character. it was so much fun. :) We performed at Jubilee and it was so much fun. Then Thanksgiving came :) too bad I had the stomach flu or food poisoning or something... :(

-- oh. my. goodness. December was such a packed month! so much happened. First, we did our run of White Christmas. The night my parents came down, Tech was awful. and the whole cast was kind of low energy. and my voice cracked.It was pretty bad. but the rest of the run was FANTASTIC. I am so glad that i was able to have such a part in that cast. it was excellent. i had so much fun and I made new friends which I'll develop this year :) i'm excited. Then, the third week of december was finals: EW. I hate finals. they're disgusting haha. then I came home that friday and had a surprise 16th birthday party! yeah, I was uber surprised. haha. thanks mom :) then i had to do totally last minute christmas stuff. I didn't finish my christmas presents untill 1 AM christmas morning haha. ...yeah. :) Then it was a week of complete bliss where I just read and partied, and I saw Sherlock Holmes twice! it was SO good. Love it! :) then it was new years and I'm writing this post :) delightful. oh and melissa comes home in TWO days. INSANE! :)

I love life. basically it's wonderful and 2010 is going to be awesome :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hello! I haven't updated in FOR EV ER (name the movie) people have been telling me to update, but now I finally have a reason to update. What to know why? Ok.

Shakespeare and A White Christmas.

I have been so busy. Seriously, its crazy. I've had tons of homework plus rehearsals everyday for Shakespeare Company, and , oh yeah, auditions for A White Christmas.

But I survived

Being on Shakespeare Company was so much fun! Even though the rehearsals was fun, going up to Shakespeare Fest. and competing there was the best thing ever! I made friends on that trip and I gained lots of confidence. Also, it made me realize that Tuacahn is pretty legit, and we're awesome!!! At the High School Shakespeare Competition in Cedar City(which is the only one in the WORLD> yeah. intense) anyways, at the competition we won five trophies! We got 2nd place for our Ensemble Dance and we took 1st in our Duo dance piece. Then, our Titus ensemble scene took 2nd (Hillcrest...we will win next year, just you wait) and our Richard Duo scene took FIRST! WOO. go Taylor and Heather they're awesome. But the best thing was that we won Sweepstakes. That means overall we got the highest points. We got 88/90. out of 91 schools we got the highest score. YEAH! :D

Anyways, So that was last weekend, and last Tuesday was auditions for A White Christmas.
let me tell you a little about that.

90 plus people auditioned and the cast is about 50 people. So 40 people didn't get in. Also, Jan and Andy (the directors and crazy amazing people) said it was mostly Jrs. and Seniors getting in.

so I auditioned with Happy to Keep his Dinner Warm from How to Succeed... and the monologue Dancing on Eggshells. The panel seemed impressed with my song and mono. I just don't think I did so hot on my dance audition. So I was stressing, cause I totally didn't think that i would make it.

then Today., they posted the cast list. Everyone went during a class and was like "ah! i made ensemble and Show Kidz" then I would ask anxiously ask if they saw my name. and they would reply with " no, i didn't check." So I kinda freaked out that I didn't make it, but all my friends did. that would be sad day. So I rushed out of dance, changed, and ran to the call board. I pushed myself through a group of students and look under the cast list for "Ensemble and Show Kidz" I couldn't see my name!! I double checked. so then, even though I knew the inevitable. I looked under the "Leads and Supporting Role' cast list.


YES, I'm a sophomore, and I got a SPEAKING part, AND I have my OWN song. :D OH MY GOSH> I am so shocked and excited. and nervous. Most of the people I work with are Seniors who are all amazing and then there's little Laura. the sophomore. who no one knows. oh my goodness. oh, and I'm playing a 9 year old...
but yeah.
something that exciting. I"m the only sophomore who got a supporting lead! everyone else is Seniors and a couple Jrs. OH MY GOSH! :D

i am so excited :) Rehearsal start on tuesday. who's excited? I am.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I will survive!!!

yesterday at Tuacahn High School there was the homecoming Carnival. :) It was SO Much fun. I'm very glad I went. Jessica didn't want to go, so I asked this awesome girl CHELSEA GREEN! if I could chill with her at the carnival and if I could get a ride home with her. She said yes :) yay. but then when Jessica found out that she would be home alone cause I wasn't going to stay with her all the time, she decided to stay at the carnival.. which, let me all tell you, a sign of school spirit cause she supported a school thing. HA. She has school spirit. Never diss school spirit. School spirit is awesome!!! LOVE IT!
so at this carnival I was like "I'm going to have fun. i'm going to be crazy laura!!" and I did.
it was awesome.

I got my palm read by Jan and it was, surprisingly enough, accurate! Chelsea got hers read and we've decided that we really are similar. :D yay. Then we waited around for Kira, Sierra, and Liz to get their palms read -- it was superb! then I had everyone come up to the Karaoke/Talent Show on the mini stage in the back of Tuacahn. This was my favorite part of the carnival!!! Ah. I convinced Chelsea and Jessica that we should a karaoke song!! YAY. We did " I Will Survive" It was awesome.
Now, let me tell you something. The whole karaoke thing wasn't get much attention, people were talking when the other people went up to sing, and the rest of the carnival-ers were just walking aimlessly around. SO, being my wonderful self I decided we should spice it up and totally rock out and belt this song.

and I did.

I was like rocking out and totally being dramatic and....guess what!? People stopped, sat down and watched, and people actually got into the show! yay.! :) It was SO Much fun. After we were done one girl was like, "ah, You're my new favorite!" and the choir teacher, Mr. Decker asked why I wasn't in choir. haha party!! Yeah, we really started the karaoke party. -- cause after us everyone was going up and having a blast. and I convinced this one kid to go up and do his awesome juggling routine for the talent show -- and He won the talent show :) all thanks to me :) haha but anyways,

The carnival was fun. and then I got really hyper and was like jumping all over the place and laughing and being my lovely crazy self. I probably scared a few people but i had fun. It was awesome. Oh! and after the carnival Chelsea, Jessica, Liz, Karli, and I partied at my house....welll, the Larsens, but it was so much fun! :) ah. It was a fun night. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My New Adventure

Good-bye Centerville....hello St. George.

So, its official. I have officially been moved into the Larsens house. woot!. I do have to say that my room is A-dorble because of quilts, and other odd decorations -- oh yeah, and my HUGE bookshelf that I love and it has all my delightful books that I love and random decorations. Yes, random. I have many random things in my room. party.
so the mom of the host family is DeAnn. From now on, she is DeAnn. deal. The father is Ron. I think. and he makes the most rare steaks ever. like not "wow, thats rare and priceless" but like "wow, that cow could still be moving rare." except its delicious. I still love my daddy's bloody steaks better :D yum. oh, also, the Larsens don't like cold steak the next day. I mean, what the heck?! Cold steak with salt on a Sunday morning...YUM. Oh, and by the way Krista,--- they don't put ketchup on their steaks, -- i mentioned it and they about threw up :D haha

Jessica Larsen is the girl my age. She's pretty funny. I like her.

I've been here for like 11 hours. Tops. And I've already hit my hip with the car door as I was shutting it, ran into a bread display (weird) at Great Harvest, oh, yeah, and I have broken one of their glass cups...
yay for klutzy laura. :D

But yeah, so far so good.
I"ve even been babysitting today in St. George. :D And the little four year old has voice control problems (I love you Erica) and he also pooped in his pants...hmmm. His mom said he had trouble being a "big boy.' HAHA. it smelt nasty, and we didn't think to check the four year old -- we just kept checking the baby and she was clean so we had to endure the smell of poo all night. Delightful.

Rock on

Thursday, July 2, 2009


ok peoples

Only 35 more days left untill I'm in St. George, and then I won't see you peeps untill Thanksgiving -- maybe, it depends on like rehearsals and stuff. But I most definitaly am coming up for Christmas!!

I'm super duper excited though. The excitements is drowning out the nervousness -- a little. Cause I still am nervous. But mostly excited. However; i am realizing how much I'm going to miss everyone and everything. I was in my ballet class, being a good little ballerina and then they started talking about the Ballet Creative ARts is putting on -- They're doing A Swan Lake. Without me. gosh. And i was going to be a swan! I was going to dance on Pointe shoes :( but alas, i'm going to be in tuacahn, doing fun musical theatre. i am sad that i'm going to miss that beautiful ballet though. :( I"m going to miss Ballet with Karen, and Jazz with Rocky. Even though i'm not that good at dance I LOVE doing it, and i've actually improved a ton, so I like it even more :)

Anywho, I have SO much to do before I leave in THIRTY FIVE days. Wow. First off, i have to finish Personal Progress. but i'm so close!!! I'll be done with everything except my Virtue project by the end of next week , and then, if everything goes as planned -- I will be down with my virtue project by the fourth week of July, be interviewed and get my medallion ;) yay.

but theres so much i have to do in personal progress. I'm making a quilt for my integrity project and its so darn cute! it has a temple on it -- or will. I will most definitaly post pictures of it when I finish on MONDAY. woot woot. I have to say, its pretty crazy that I did it that fast cause I just started working on in last saturday, so not even a week yet, but i've worked on it almost every day for at least three hours (today I did 7. wow i'm tired) but ya, thank goodness for Tanya and how much she's helping me:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What the Heck!


Today is June 20, 2009. June. ok. June. When someone says June you think of things such as: summer, sun, happinesss, no rain, yay, june. Ya. 
well That is not the reality.
IT IS RAINING OUTSIDE. And it has been like this for basically three weeks. LAME! It is June for crying out loud. gosh. It needs to be sunny outside.


I just wanted to vent. It doesn't really matter though, cause no one reads my blog, because I don't write on it very often -- because there's nothing to write about, and I feel so vain just talking about myself, so if there is something you want to know just ask me. and now I'm rambling. Goodbye :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Curse

So people... I have  decided that i have a curse. A curse that I will always be sick on the day that our school celebrates Valentines Day. 
ok, so, once upon a time in 2008 i got influenza that LPA was celebrating valentines day. Ya it really was not very fun. And THEN now, in 2009 I got sick the day LPA was celebrating valentines day. But thats not all. Its really ironic that i got sick because all week i was like ,"i'm not going to get sick, i will not get sick. I feel fine." And i did! It wasn't untill like 10:00 on wednesday night that I started feeling nauseous. Kay, so I get all sick and nasty all of thursday, and then, BAM! I feel totally fine now. They day after lpa celebrated. 
so I have a curse. 

its been like what? 2 months since i've updated? Hmm. Lots has gone on in my life. 
well not really. 
basically the only new thing is Seussical!!! Party. I'm so excited. I'm Amayzing Mayzie,and its going to be so much fun!!! All most of my homies are in it so its going to be fantastic! :) woot woot. 
i'm pumped. 

but other than that... nothing new has gone on in my life. nothing exciting. And i don't have any money so I can't go see movies or cut  my hair or dye it or go shopping or other fun things that require money. 
stupid economy :) haha just kidding. 
BUt my i really do need a hair cut for all of those you are wondering. :) oh and i think i might dye my hair again! what do you guys think? should i go darker? lighter? lose the blond highlights? or just stay the same?
it won't matter though, because i am not in possesion of $40 to do my hair **sigh**

thats basically it.